THIERRY NAZON - Lionix Construction à Montréal


As a young man, Thierry was always very independent. He looked up to his father, who was also an entrepreneur and decided that he would also become his own boss. An unfortunate experience he lived through with his parents as a child was crucial in forming his values as a general contractor. His father and mother put their trust in a contractor for a renovation project of the family home, only to have that contactor cheat them out of their hard-earned money. He saw the pain that this caused his parents and vowed that his business would never do such a thing. Thierry worked hard in school and graduated from University as an accountant. It was while in school that he found his calling as an entrepreneur. To get started and earn spending money, Thierry began working with College Pro Painters. They were a well-established franchise company with an excellent training program, which gave him the basics he needed to form the foundation of his career. It is also where he started his partnership with his schoolmate and childhood friend Ovidiu Poienaru. As a young black man and a Romanian immigrant, the two young men faced many challenges, the two fought stereotypes and prejudice. However, with a strong work ethic, a good team and mentors like Thierry’s father, Lionix has grown to become a leading general contractor specializing in whole home renovations in the greater Montreal area.