MASONRY - Lionix Construction à Montréal


Masonry installation

Our team of masons is made up of “companions” only, which guarantees the quality and our expertise. We are able to repair or design any masonry job. Our installation and masonry services in Montreal include the installation of blocks, bricks or new stones.

Wall reconstruction

On older properties in Montreal, it is not uncommon to have to demolish a masonry wall showing too many signs of weakness. Lionix Construction’s bricklayers have the necessary equipment for work at height (scaffolding and nacelles). Building a masonry wall includes unbridging, checking your wall structure, insulating, and installing new masonry.

Mortar repointing

The masons of Lionix Construction carry out the out-pointing of existing mortar joints that need to be repaired, digging, injecting new mortar and cleaning. We have all the necessary equipment for work at height or in narrow areas for repointing mortar.

Beef belly

The term “beef belly” refers to the swelling of a brick wall. Thermal expansion causes micro-cracks in the brick wall, which create water infiltration, rusting the brick ties which eventually break, and create swelling on the brick. Although this is a frequent masonry restoration need, it is important to complete your masonry restoration on time before having to redo your entire wall.