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admin January 21, 2021
From as young as he could remember Ovidiu (Ovi) Poienaru dreamt about owning his own business. He came by that honestly as some of his family back home in Romania were successful business people. While in college he became a franchise owner of a student painting company he says “they trained me and I learned what I needed about being an entrepreneur and at that point I realized that this was the life I wanted”. Pendant ses études collégiales, il est devenu propriétaire franchisé d’une entreprise de peinture étudiante,il dit : « Ilsm’ont suivi et j’ai appris ce dont j’avais besoin pour être entrepreneur et à ce moment-là, j’ai réalisé que c’était la vie que je voulais ».
Ovi was smart enough to pick some of Montreal’s better neighborhoods like, Town of Mount Royal, Westmount and Hampstead to start selling in. While walking from door to door trying to book some jobs, he could see that looking after these beautiful homes was a big business opportunity, a lot more than just painting.
“To me this was a safe bet, there are three things that people will always need, food, clothing and shelter. I didn’t see myself getting into the restaurant business and for sure I’m not a fashion guy but when it comes to the third thing shelter that I could get into.” It was at this time that I partnered with Thierry Nazon, Ovi goes on to say that they were doing a great on these little jobs, but he and Thierry were hungry for more. As they went after bigger projects, their clients relied on them to manage the jobs for them. We became good and evaluating sub-contractors and doing sales and project management. One thing led to another and we became general contractors. It was our dream to grow big enough and generate the kind of income to have our own real estate to develop. Ovi says that doing a good job at building a busines, a system, that can consistently generate results that make our clients completely satisfied is what he is always striving to perfect. Being a key factor in renovating and building the same kind of beautiful grand homes that he once only painted is very satisfying to him.

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