ABOUT NICOLAS COLLARD - Lionix Construction à Montréal


admin January 21, 2021
At 16, I was a lifeguard during the summer vacations, but I was full of energy and very interested in doing extra work. Family friends would ask me to do odd handyman jobs, and eventually, I became specialized in renovating balconies. I completed my schooling at College La Cité in robotics and worked in the paper mill industry on their automated production systems for several years. It was during that time that I completed my apprenticeship as an electrician. After getting married (I met my wife at the paper mill), we moved to Montreal and bought our first income property, a triplex. This place needed a lot of work, and we had no budget, so it was up to me to get it all done. I did all the work myself, from the bricks to the finished woodwork. The family business, ran by my mother, was a major roofing contractor, so I was not afraid of construction work. My friends and family learned I was back at doing handyman work, and the phone started ringing. My wife made a deal with me; she said you could do side jobs two nights a week and two Saturdays a month, which lasted four years..
“While working for the large paper mill companies I received a lot of training on how to manage complex systems. I bring that knowledge and experience to Lionix.”
During that time, the paper mill business was declining in Montreal, plants were closing, and as I moved from place to place, I would lose seniority and benefits; I did not see a future in it. That was when, as a family, we decided to open Bricollard Construction. We grew the business to a good size, and oddly enough, Thierry and Ovi, who formed Lionix, were some of my early sub-contractors. Over time I realized that to get the business to a more profitable level, I would have to expand the company, requiring more management time than I could put in and manage the worksites. When the phone rang, and Thierry & Ovi from Lionix asked about merging the two companies, it was perfect timing. Bringing the two companies together has made it so much easier to deliver bigger and better projects for our clients.

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