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Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen Renovations in Montreal

Because layout and style are of the utmost importance in your kitchen renovation project, our designers and kitchen renovation experts in Montreal will listen to your needs to provide you with a plan. functional and ergonomic kitchen, which will surpass your expectations. Whether it is for a house expansion project or simply to rejuvenate your kitchen, you can count on the experience of Lionix Rénovation as a general contractor specializing in kitchen renovations for exceptional results at an affordable cost. Lionix Rénovation will be able to offer you a high-end and ergonomic kitchen, respecting the architectural style of your home. Whether for the renovation of a kitchen, for the expansion or for the development of a new kitchen, we offer the services of:

Plan your kitchen renovation:

As a contractor offering renovation services in Montreal, Laval and Longueuil, we provide blueprint designs and designer advice to plan in detail the kitchen of your dreams. On the menu: Design, functionality and ergonomics of workspace, storage and circulation areas.


We take care of demolition and waste disposal. For an efficient kitchen renovation without cluttering up the mess.


Did you know that repainting the walls before installing the cabinets would save you a lot of cutting? Our planning during the reconstruction of your kitchen will be established according to the rules of the building code, in addition to respecting your plans, your budget and the planned times.

Our kitchen reconstruction services include painting, installation of flooring with or without heated floors, installation of wall covering (backsplashes and others), installation of kitchen cabinets and counters, and more!

Kitchen plumbing:

Our kitchen renovation services in Montreal, Laval and Longueuil include planning and plumbing for sinks, dishwashers and more. We work with master plumbers who all hold their RBQ license, as required by the Quebec construction code.

Electricity for the kitchen:

Down to the smallest details… We will think together about the usual use that you will have in your kitchen in order to plan the electrical outlets and other electrical needs. Know that by doing business with Lionix Rénovation, you make sure that the work will be carried out by electricians who hold their RBQ license and certified master electrician.


Finishing your kitchen is the last step, but we know these details can make all the difference. We leave nothing to chance, our designers will have thought of everything: from the choice of handles, to the paint finish for easy and efficient maintenance.

At Lionix Rénovation, our mission is to exceed the expectations of our clients, in each of our mandates. We strive to help you every step of the way to achieving your dream kitchen.

Doing business with Lionix Rénovation means doing business with a general contractor in Montreal who pays attention to detail. Fill out our free quote form and let’s get started!