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Basement Renovation

Are you considering renovating your basement? Trust the services of Lionix Rénovation, the basement renovation experts in Montreal, Laval and Longueuil. Take advantage of the experience and courteous service of our certified contractors and workers. Lionix Rénovation will design a functional basement for you, while respecting the architectural style of your home thanks to a team of certified contractors specializing in basement renovations and masonry work in Montreal, Laval and Longueuil. Our basement renovations include:


Renovating your basement can easily increase the value of your property. So that you can take advantage of these new spaces, we take into account the structural aspects of your basement such as the height of the ceiling, the size of the windows often smaller than those upstairs, and the exposure of the ducts.


We take care of the demolition and the preparation of the parts in order to make room for the electricity, the plumbing, the framework and the joinery. Your basement is not deep enough to move into viable spaces? Need space? Be aware that it is possible to enlarge your basement by digging under the crawl space. Our teams of engineers and experts in residential excavation will ensure a safe execution and within the standards for the excavation of your service cellar, in full basement. It is during the demolition stage that we will assess your basement to confirm that the spaces are well insulated and protected against humidity. Once the demolition and plumbing are complete, our interior designer can complete the detailed planning of your basement with you.

Basement renovation and construction :

The renovation of your basement will be carried out according to the rules of the building code, in addition to ensuring compliance with plans, your budget and time. At this stage, the framing and division work is undertaken. We install gypsum, floors, baseboards and moldings, paint, joinery and masonry work, and more … We can also take care of any repair or refurbishment of the plumbing with electricity.


We leave nothing to chance for your interior renovation project; our designers will have thought of everything to meet your most specific needs, in the development of your new spaces in the basement. You can trust Lionix’s basement planning and remodeling services. Whether it is for the development of an entire basement, or for the addition of bedrooms, a bathroom or special purpose rooms such as a home theater, gym, billiard room , family lounge or other. Choosing Lionix Rénovation for your home renovation project in Montreal, Laval or Longueuil means doing business with a general contractor who has attention to detail. Fill out our free quote form and let’s get started!